Why Is It So Important To Wear Sunglasses In Winter?

It is a common misconception that sunglasses are only needed in the summer but it’s so important to remember to wear sunglasses in winter too. Sunglasses offer crucial eye protection against potentially damaging effects from the sun. Here Sunwise® investigates just what winter eyewear is protecting you from…

Ultraviolet rays (UV) from the sun are just as harmful in the winter as in summer, even on a cloudy day your eyes are not immune. UV rays are extremely powerful when abroad this winter especially in snowy destinations, you are doubly exposed to the ultraviolet rays when the snow acts as a mirror, reflecting a second dose of UV. High exposure to UV rays can cause development of various eye diseases, including age-related macular degeneration and cataracts so it’s important to protect eyes all year round.

With shorter daylight hours and visits to ski resorts glare can become a real danger in winter driving and on holiday by interfering with your ability to see clearly. Sunglasses should be worn to reduce glare and provide comfortable vision from bright reflections on water, snow, ice and the road.

Eyes are very delicate and can easily be irritated, it is important to protect eyes from high winter winds, debris, snow and ice and the easiest way to do so is to wear your sunglasses. Dry, red and irritated eyes are common in winter and it is the worst time of year for soreness of the eye and skin. Wraparound sunglasses reduce the evaporation of natural moisture to prevent eyes from drying.

Wearing sunglasses in winter months enhances your vision and prevents painful headaches. Exposure to glare and strong sunlight for long periods of time in winter, whether skiing or driving, can cause squinting, painful eyestrain, fatigue and headaches. Wearing sunglasses for comfort and enhanced vision prevents painful headaches by reducing the amount of light that reaches your eyes.

Why Is It So Important To Wear Sunglasses In Winter?

Not only is wearing sunglasses important this winter it’s also crucial a high quality pair are purchased to ensure the best protection. Sunwise offers a wide range of affordable winter sunglasses that all provide 100% protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays.

The Polafusion® range eliminates glare with a unique polarised lens system and filters out damaging light with colour stability over long periods of wearing.

The Chromafusion® range provides protection from low to high sun glare without the need to change lenses and has advanced anti-fog technology.

There are a variety of British designs, from wider wraparound frames to Interchangeables for all weather conditions and Essentials, within everyone’s budget for any passion, sport and lifestyle.

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