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Advanced Technology

Here at Sunwise® we are always working on innovative designs to ensure the very best affordable products with functional features and all year round performance.


Sunwise® anti-fog technology can be found within the Chromafusion® 2.0 lenses, featuring a completely unique anti-fog property.

Through intensive innovation and development we have created a highly effective anti-fog lens with the ability to perform in the most intense conditions.

This advanced technology eliminates the need to cut holes into the lenses and offers uncompromising vision quality.




Sunwise® light-reacting (photochromic) lenses can be found within the Chromafusion® 2.0 collection. Adapting to changing light conditions within seconds makes the glasses perfect for use early in the morning until dusk without the need to change lenses.

Light Reacting

Sunwise® light-reacting technology reacts to the sun light within seconds, making these glasses perfect for use early in the morning until dusk, without the need to change lenses.

UV Filter

Ensuring full protection by blocking 100% of UVA & UVB rays 100% of the time the collection is the perfect solution for any changing environment all year round.


The Sunwise® Polafusion® collection offers a unique polarised lens system in award winning British designs. Impact resistant lenses filter out potentially damaging light and provide intense colour contrast and anti-glare. Blue tinted anti-reflection coating blocks harmful light for maximum visual comfort.

Created for sports and outdoor activities where glare and extreme conditions are faced, the Polafusion® range offers a performance lens system for all year round wearing at an affordable price.

Sunwise® Frames

All Sunwise® frames are made from superior first-class materials; each one is hand crafted and passes strict quality control to ensure the very best in British eyewear. We focus on providing light weight frames which are strong, secure and durable for all weather conditions.

Superior Quality

Hand Crafted
First class materials
Strict quality control


Rubber Components
Flat Arms (perfect for wearing underneath a hat or helmet)


Stringent testing
High mass impact
High Velocity impact
Extreme Conditions

Lens Standards

Sunwise® sunglasses offer 100% UVA & UVB protection against invisible ultra violet rays, conforming to the European and British sunglasses standard IS012312; personal protection equipment for general purpose.

Class 1 – superior optical quality lenses. The Sunwise® CE mark guarantees this compliance

The innovative Sunwise® Chromafusion® 2.0 anti-fog photochromic light reactive lenses offer effective balanced sun protection and light control

Perfect for any outdoor activities

The Polafusion® range offers a unique polarised lens system, impact resistant whilst filtering out potentially damaging light, providing vivid colour contrast and anti-glare.

All Sunwise® polycarbonate lenses offer high definition vision quality, together with anti-glare polarised lenses providing visual comfort and preventing eye strain, squinting and headaches.

Warning: sunglasses should not be used to view the sun directly.

Lens Features

Impact Resistant

All Sunwise® lenses go through stringent impact resistant testing to ensure protection against high-mass and high-velocity impact.

Sunwise lenses are subject to multiple impact resistant tests as we understand how important protection is within your choice of eyewear.

We go the extra mile in safety; always designing with quality and innovation in mind to deliver the best sports performance eyewear.

Platinum Tints

Sunwise® platinum tinted lens coatings provide added protection against glare and stronger sunlight. Optimising visual quality, supreme protection and adding comfort, platinum tints have been developed for all activities and day to day life.

For cyclists this allows for clearer sight on the road; cracks and potholes can be avoided and rides feel more relaxed in the sun.

For golfers, long days in the sun are not a problem and our tints improve sight of the ball. Platinum tints also provide supreme protection and comfort when out on the snow or water.

UV Protection

Tackling UV rays is a priority for Sunwise®. The invisible radiation can reach our eyes at 186,000 miles per second so it’s essential to be protected.

All Sunwise® lenses have been carefully developed using quality materials which stop all harmful UVA & UVB rays, even clear lenses will filter out 100% of rays.

Lens Coatings

Water repellents lenses can be found in the Sunwise® premier ranges, Chromafusion® 2.0 and Polafusion®, to ensure clear vision even in rainy weather. The hydrophobic process clears water drops from the lenses making them excellent for wet conditions and easy to clean.

Sunwise® eyewear are the UK leaders in lens technology, for all sports and the most extreme conditions.

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