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The Oxford Collection

Unique style for those who dare to be bold

Using the latest in laser technology, designs are engraved onto the lenses with the ultimate precision for a unique twist in fashion sports eyewear.


The Oxford Collection is the latest innovation in fashion sports eyewear.

Following the latest trends in both the fashion and sports industries, we noticed a considerable gap in the market for stylish and customisable sporting eyewear.

During our research we found that emoji’s and images worked much better than the usual customisation of adding your name and so the Palm tree and Medal designs were created. Both designs representing summer, warmth and adventure.

The Oxford Story

The Oxford Collection is named after the great city because of the similarities they both share. Just like the city of Oxford, the Oxford collection blends modern style with years of great heritage and classic design.

Oxford is known as a city full of innovation, creativity and individuality; these three things epitomise the Oxford Collection. Being based in Oxford for the last 20 years we only thought it was right that our greatest innovation would pay homage to this great city.

Advanced Technology

Frames and Lenses

Not only will you have a unique style that looks great, you will also have outstanding vision quality thanks to the equally innovative and revolutionary Chromafusion® 2.0 lenses. These photochromic lenses react to the sunlight, allowing you to have crystal clear vision from dawn to dusk without having to constantly change the lenses. The lenses also have anti-fog technology, are water repellent and feature impact resistance.

Be Unique

The Oxford Collection comes in four different coloured frames, boasting a selection of bold and bright designs. These best-selling frames are ideal for a number of sports, outdoor activities and lifestyles. Simply pick a design and colour that suits your style and be prepared to stand out. The Oxford Collection is for those who dare to be bold, who dare to be unique.

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The Oxford Collection